Position Analysing the legal issues

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  • Position Analysing the legal issues

    Question 1 

    Read the following scenario and answer the question by considering the legal issues arising  

    ruby , who recently passed  her driving test , decides to drive in to town on turning right a junction , she  negligently fails to see a car  being driven by peter and crashed into it john a nearby pedestrian , heared a screech of car brakes 

    rushes to the scene of the accident and sees that peter was badly injured due to the accident caused  by rubys motor  car john gets a terrible shock at seeing  peter injuries and collapses afterwards . he is taken to the hospitals with a suspected heart attack 

    Adnice ruby peter john on their legal position analysing the legal issues ,  and  illustrating  your answer with refrence reklevant case law 


    Question 2

    Discuss What is meant by ' duty of care ' in the tort of negligence , illustrating your answer with refrence to relevant case law 


    Question 3

    in contract law , it can be sometimes difficult to distigunish between an offer and a invitation to treat . analyse the distinction between the two elements in a contract and support your answer with refrence to relevant case law.

    Question 4

    The postal rule of acceptance is fundamental doctrine in contract lawhowever its continued existence is is challenged by 

    modern contract law with reference to relevant case law.


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