Strategic human resource management (SHRM)

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  • Strategic human resource management (SHRM)

    Strategic human resource management (SHRM)


    ·         A pattern of planned human resource deployments and activities intended to enable an organization to achieve its goals.


    strategy implementation


    ·         The process of devising structures and allocating resources to enact the strategy a company has chosen.




    ·         what an organization hopes to achieve in the medium-to long-term future


    External Analysis


    ·         Examining the organization's operating environment to identify strategic opportunities and threats


    Internal Analysis


    ·         The process of examining an organization's strengths and weaknesses


    Strategic Choice


    ·         The organization's strategy; the ways an organization will attempt to fulfill its mission and achieve its long-term goals.


    Job Analysis


    ·         the process of getting detailed information about jobs


    Jobs Design


    ·         The process of defining the way work will be performed and the tasks that will be required in a given job




    ·         the process of seeking applicants for potential employment




    ·         The process by which an organization attempts to identify applicants with the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics that will help it achieve its goals.




    ·         A planned effort to facilitate the learning of job-related knowledge, skills, and behavior by employees




    ·         the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and behaviors that improve an employee's ability to meet changes in job requirements and in client and customer demands


    Performance Management


    ·         The means through which managers ensure that employee's activities and outputs are congruent with organization's goals


    Role Behaviors


    ·         Behaviors that are required of an individual in his or her role as a jobholder in a social work environment


    External Growth Strategy


    ·         An emphasis on acquiring vendors and suppliers or buying businesses that allow a company to expand into new markets


    Concentration Strategy


    ·         A strategy focusing on increasing market share, reducing costs, or creating and maintaining a market niche for products and services


    Internal Growth Strategy


    ·         A focus on new market and product development, innovation, and joint ventures




    ·         The planned elimination of large number of personnel, designed to enhance organizational effectiveness



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