Systems that allow individuals to pay for products

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  •   Systems that allow individuals to pay for products



    ·         One of the most common security threats to you PC




    ·         Computer Professionals who write the programs that computers use


    Artificial Intelligence


    ·         People say that fifth-generation computers will be based on this


    Touch input


    ·         Both an input and an output


    HTML; markup


    ·         _______________ is a _____________________ or scripting language




    ·         The physical parts of a computer are called ________________________


    Internet Service Provider


    ·         Individual users connect to the INternet b connecting to servers belonging to an _________


    Smart Appliances


    ·         Regular appliances with built in computer technology


    Mobile Payment Systems


    ·         Systems that allow individuals to pay for products and services via a movie phone


    Distance learning


    ·         Alternative to learning in the classroom ; students participate from their location


    Consumer kiosks


    ·         Self service computer-based stations like ATMs




    ·         Online communications lend themselves to anonymity since senders are not seen


    Vacuum tubes


    ·         Components of the first computers and constantly needed replacing


    Web Pages


    ·         A collection of documents the World Wide Web references


    Input, Processing, Output, Storage (IPOS)


    ·         The information processing cycle


    Regional Networks; Backbone Networks


    ·         ISP computers are connected to ____________ _________________ which are connected to bigger networks within a country called ____________________ ______________________


    Internet Service Processor (ISP)


    ·         A business or organization that provides Internet access to others


    Super Computer


    ·         Typically used for applications that require extraordinary speed, accuracy and processing capabilities




    ·         The trend of creating virtual versions of a computing resource




    ·         This determines the tasks that computers are able to perform



    Laptop computers


    ·         Conventional PCs that fit on top of or next to a desk


    Modems and Network adapters


    ·         The two most common types of communications hardware


    Application software


    ·         Designed to allow people to perform specific tasks using a computer like creating letters, preparing budgets, etc


    Computer network.


    ·         a collection of hardware and other devices that are connected together so that users can share hardware, software and data and electronically communicate


    Third generation computers


    ·         Incorporated transistors and electronic circuits on a single tiny silicon chip, allowing CPUs to be smaller


    HTML and XHTML


    ·         Name two types of markup/scripting languages


    Uniform Resource locator (URL)


    ·         Identifies a Web page


    Mobile device


    ·         a very small device that has some built in computing or Internet capabilities


    Java, BASIC and C++


    ·         Name 3 Programming languages


    Convertible laptops


    ·         Hybrid notebook tablet computers are also known as


    Web based email


    ·         a typically free address provided by virtually all ISPs used with personal computers


    Authentication systems


    ·         Computers that can be used to gain access to a building or punch in and out of work




    ·         Invented in the late 1980s and also known as a person computer, this is a small system designed to be used by one person


    Internet addresses


    ·         Unique addresses used to identify resources accessible through the Internet


    Mid-range server


    ·         a medium-sized computer used to host programs ad data for a small network


    Snopes website


    ·         Independent websites (like the ___________________) that report on the validity of current online rumors and stories



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