stored on a storage medium or processed by a PC.

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  • stored on a storage medium or processed by a PC.


    Some ____ must be added in pairs for optimal performance.


    ·         memory modules


    The bus width and bus speed together determine the bus's ____ or bandwidth; that is, the amount of data that can be transferred via the bus in a given period of time.


    ·         throughput


    ____ are small components typically made out of aluminum with fins that help to dissipate heat.


    ·         Heat sinks


    Eight bits grouped together are collectively referred to as a ____.


    ·         byte


    A ____ is equal to 1,024 bytes.


    ·         kilobyte


    ____ are very small pieces of silicon or other semiconducting material onto which integrated circuits are embedded.


    ·         Chips


    The ____ is the section of the CPU that performs arithmetic involving integers and logical operations.


    ·         ALU


    A computer ____ is the amount of data (measured in bits or bytes) that a CPU can manipulate at one time.


    ·         word


    The term ____ refers to chip-based storage used by the computer.


    ·         memory


    ____ consists of nonvolatile memory chips that can be used for storage by the computer or the user.


    ·         Flash memory


    In a 16.8-million-color (called photographic quality or ____) image, three bytes (24 bits) are used to store the color data for each pixel in the image.


    ·         true color


    The ____ orders data and instructions from cache or RAM based on the task at hand.


    ·         prefetch unit


    The ____ takes instructions from the prefetch unit and translates them into a form that the control unit can understand.


    ·         decode unit


    Like graphics data, ____—such as a song or the sound of someone speaking—must be in digital form in order to be stored on a storage medium or processed by a PC.


    ·         audio data


    Each place value in a binary number represents ____ raised to the appropriate power.


    ·         2


    Terascale computing is the ability of computers to process one ____ floating-point operations per second (teraflops).


    ·         trillion


    A USB ____ is a device that plugs into your PC's USB port to convert one port into several USB ports.


    ·         hub


    Instructions and data flow in and out of the CPU via the ____.


    ·         bus interface unit


    The key element of the microprocessor is the ____—a device made of semiconductor material that acts like a switch controlling the flow of electrons inside a chip.


    ·         transistor


    Most computers today support the ____ standard, in which the computer automatically configures new devices as soon as they are installed and the PC is powered up.


    ·         Plug and Play



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