video remote interpreting

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  • video remote interpreting



    ·         1838-1970, enterprise communication




    ·         personal, from home
    invented in 1960s
    TTY relay- allow Deaf to communicate with hearing


    captioned telephone


    ·         requires speaking, typed out responses


    closed captioning


    ·         optional captioning


    open captioning


    ·         always on screen




    ·         1984, TTY with braille output


    DeafBlind communicator


    ·         2009, connected by bluetooth to cellphone


    video phone


    ·         set top box (2002)


    video relay service


    ·         caller signs to video interpreter, interpreter speaks to person on other end


    video remote interpreting


    ·         computer based or TV with set top box
    *can be helpful in hospitals when interpreter isn't on hand


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